Custom Cutting & Manufacturing Services in Houston, TX

Custom Waterjet Cutting

Myrmidon Corp, a leading manufacturing and fabrication company, provides high quality waterjet cutting services in the Houston, Texas Area. The process is achieved by which a tool is used to allow pressurized water along with a special abrasive material to blast it's way through virtually any product such as metal, plastic, wood, or other materials cutting with precision to achieve the final goal.

Waterjet cutting is used to create signs, metal designs, parts for machines, or materials for manufacturing projects in industries such as marine, petrochemical, oil and gas, upstream, downstream, structural manufacturing, or other projects.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

At Myrmidon Corp. we use the Omax 80" X 160 " waterjet machining system.  An industry giant to allow for very large projects but is precise enough to handle the smallest jobs as well.

  • Precise cutting
  • Smooth edge finishes
  • Flexible capability in material it can cut through.  

  • Fast setup time
  • Absence of heat because of its water based nature
  • Higher eco-friendly rating in comparison to traditional methods

OMAX 80160

  • Travels: 168” X 80”
  • Table Size: 174” X 94”
  • Material Support Slats: 4” X ⅛”
  • Cutting Speed: 180 IPM
  • Controller: PC Based including Integrated CAD/CAM Software
  • Approximate Weight: 14,000 LBS (Operating Weight 35KLBS)
  • Approximate Overall Installed Dimensions:   243” X 94” X 75”


When You Think Manufacturing, Think Myrmidon.

Houston is big and it needs a big manufacturing company that can get the job done right, on time, and on budget. Myrmidon Corp. is the manufacturing and fabrication company that can deliver to tight tolerance, satisfying the highest expectations, achieving the highest quality, and doing it in a timely manner while staying on budget.

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